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My book watchlist, 2018; #BookishBloggersUnite

#BookishBloggersUnite is a weekly hashtag that a group of bookish friends participate in to talk about books. This week’s host is Bookish Bron, check out their blog for more links.

Today, I’m taking a look at the upcoming releases for the back half of 2018 and listing the titles I’m most excited about. I have to admit, most of the big 2018 books for me came out in the first six months, including a new Jacqueline Carey which always has me excited (and it was great!). But there are lots of great titles on the horizon. Here are just a few of them.

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I’m still alive – and preparing for a writing weekend

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately, for a variety of reasons. The primary one is that I just finished up editing a book for the amazing Renaissance Press, which took up a good portion of my free time that would otherwise be spent writing things like blog posts.

The other reason is that I finally caught up watching Star Trek: Discovery and proceeded to fall down a fandom rabbit hole. I’m still not quite back from that one but I’m not staying up to 1AM reading fan fiction at this point (mostly because I’ve read all the Lorca/Cornwell fic on AO3 at this point).

To mark my return to the land of the writers, I am partaking on a four-day writing weekend, as well as celebrating Canada Day from the safety of my air conditioned basement. My goal for the weekend is to finish up some of the projects that I’ve had on the go for far too long. I also am giving myself an arbitrary word count goal because that’s easier to track and share. I am usually not great at meeting such goals but I’ll be doing my best, so wish me luck!

Writing weekend tracker:


0 / 10000 words

The Read Harder Challenge

For the last several years, I have attempted to complete Book Riot’s Read Hard Challenge, which aims to introduce new genres, new authors, and new worlds, both real and imaginary, into your reading life. And each year, I have failed 🙁

This year however, I feel like I will finally read finish all 24 tasks. So far, I’ve managed to pace myself pretty well, finishing two books a month for the challenge in January, February, and March. I didn’t do quite as well in April, only finishing one challenge, and May might only have 1 as well, but I still feel like I’ve set myself up well.

I’m also hoping that by posting it publicly here, I can motivate myself for success. Below, I’ve listed every challenge and the titles I’m considering to read, as well as the tasks I’ve already finished and which I read for them.

# of Tasks Completed: 8/24 (as of May 25)

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Happy birthday, Renaissance Press!

For the last several years, I’ve had the privileged of editing books for the amazing Renaissance Press. And now, with the publication of We Shall Be Monsters (which you can still support on Kickstarter), I am going to be a Renaissance author as well!

This year, Renaissance turns 5 years old and I couldn’t be happier to be involved with so many great people who have become great friends. Here’s to you, Renaissance Press!

A Book for All Seasons; #BookishBloggersUnite

#BookishBloggersUnite is a weekly hashtag that a group of bookish friends participate in to talk about books. This week’s host is Sarah @ Reviews & Read-a-Thons, check out her blog for more links.

It took awhile, but Ottawa is finally beginning to warm up and get some sun. Naturally, my thoughts start turning to good summer reads. However, because some of the awesome #BookishBloggersUnite participants are in the southern hemisphere, instead of just focusing on summer, here’s is a book to pair with every season – and a drink to go with it, just for fun.

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