Monthly Themes and Reading Goals for 2021

Back at the beginning of the oh so wonderful year 2020, I came up with a list of monthly book themes to help me pick which books to read. While I never quite read as many books for each theme as I thought I might, I did find it useful and so I’m going to do it again for 2021. Some of the themes are going to be the same as last year, some of them are different. Also, I’m going in with a goal to read two books per theme minimum, because given my predilection for getting distracted by something shiny, this seems realistic.

I am also giving myself the goal of reading all my pre-orders within two months of their release date. Wish me luck on that one.

Finally, on top of all of it, I’ve increased my Goodreads Challenge to 95 this year.

Themes with a * beside them may shift months as needed.

  • January: Dragonlance Chronicles re-read
  • February: Biography*
  • March: Canadian books
  • April: Classics*
  • May: Books by Asian authors
  • June: Indigenous books
  • July: Graphic novels/comics/manga
  • August: Pride
  • September: Short story collections*
  • October: Thriller/horror
  • November: Novellas
  • December: Books I’ve owned for 5+ years*

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