Litha/Yule Reading Tag

I’m not the only one inspired to play along with this book tag, here’s some other posts:

The biggest takeaway from this book that sticks with me know is how it showed how sexual assault should be handled – which is often not what actually happens. In the book, Hermione has support from her family, friends, and even the police. I wish it reflected reality more.
I didn’t purposely set out to have this tag be so YA-heavy, it just sort of happened. All four books in this series have the word “dark” in them and they live up to the many connotations that come with it. This fantasy series, focusing on triplet queens who have to battle to the death to win the crown, first drew me in by its concept and then completely won me over with the execution. #TeamKatherine forever!
Along with YA, this list is apparently going to be a bit on the dark side, and not just when prompted! I read this book when it was the Oprah Book Club pick and fell in love with it then. I’ve seen re-read it several times and enjoy it very much.
Very little gives me as much light and cheer as a good romance novel and Pretty Face is one of my favourites. I’ve really enjoyed all of Lucy Parker’s London Celebrities series, particularly after having been to London myself, but this one is easily my favourite because it just hits all my favourite tropes and is such a fun read. When I was in a bad mood this year, I just started reading it to cheer myself up and, even though I had read it before, I found that I couldn’t put it down again until I finished it.

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