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My Top Five … Book Adaptations; #BookishBloggersUnite

#BookishBloggersUnite is a weekly hashtag that a group of bookish friends participate in to talk about books. This week’s host is … me! Check below for links to the other blog posts once they are available.

“The book is better.”

We’ve all heard this. Many of us have said it, myself included. And that’s because most of the time, it’s true. Adaptation really is an art form in and of itself and so frequently, it just doesn’t live up to the original.

But today, in case the title didn’t give it away, we’re not talking about those adaptations. This post is about five adaptations that I think not only live up to the original book but sometimes actually surpass it. They are rare things and deserve to be celebrated, particularly right now when (spoilers) one of them is currently the top movie at the North American box office.

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My Top Five … Romance Novels

Starting a new series of posts about my top five favourite [insert topic here]. I’m starting things off with a (literal) bang and talking about romance novels.

I started reading romance when I was in high school. However, it’s only in the last couple of years when I’ve really felt like a romance reader. During those years, I’ve discovered just how wonderful the genre is and how important it can be to have books written (primarily though certainly not exclusively) by women, for women.

So these are my top five favourite romance novels. There are a lot more books out there that I really enjoy but these ones have a special place in my heart.

WARNING: mild spoilers about the books, though I’ve tried to keep things as vague as possible.

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