Book Quest & Monthly Themes

For my 2020 reading, I am trying out two things. First, I will be focusing on reading books I already own, as well as library books, while also curbing my book buying. Second, I am assigning a theme to each month to guide what I read. See more info about both below!

Book Quest

The term Book Quest comes from my book coven, a group of fellow book lovers who I chat with on Slack. I’ve tried out a few variants of it over the years but this time I am going for the following approach. In order to buy a book, I need to read three other books: one physical book I already own, one ebook I already own, and one book from the library.

I’m starting the year already at a bit of a deficit, because I have eight pre-orders that I need to earn before I can think of buying something else. I’ll track my progress with this throughout the year.

Monthly Themes

The following are the themes for the year. Books I read throughout a particular month don’t necessarily have to follow the theme but I will try to match up with is most of the time. At the end of each month, I’ll be posting a wrap-up of what I read and how it all went.

Themes with a * beside them may shift months as needed.

  • January: Finish partially read books
  • February: Romance
  • March: Canadian books
  • April: Re-reads
  • May: Next/first book in a series
  • June: Indigenous books
  • July: Comics/graphic novels*
  • August: Pride
  • September: Pre-orders*
  • October: Thriller/horror
  • November: Novellas and shorter works
  • December: YA/Middle grade

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