Bio & Contact

Victoria grew up in the west end of Ottawa, otherwise known as the middle of nowhere. Cursed with the horror that is country cable, she turned to books for entertainment and soon was not only reading everything in sight but also trying her hand at writing herself. She was immediately drawn to speculative fiction, particularly those with darker undertones. In grade ten, one of her science fiction stories won the Marion Drysdale Award, which is given out each year by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation.

Victoria’s love of books led to her studying English literature at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. After graduation, she moved to Toronto (aka the centre of the universe) and slaved away in retail hell for a few years, before discovering that you can go home again and moving back to Ottawa.

These days, Victoria writes manuals no one wants to read by day and works on stories and novels that people hopefully do want to read by night. She also still spends a lot of time reading. Her favourite authors are Jacqueline Carey and Courtney Milan. When not writing or reading, she is usually found hanging out with her Great Dane who, despite his size, thinks he is a lap dog.


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