I can hardly remember a time when I wasn’t writing stories of some kind. Here, you’ll find links to a selection of my stories, some recent and some that go back to high school. While the stories are from a variety of genres, I tend to stick to speculative fiction (science fiction/fantasy/etc…) most of the time.

NYC Midnight

Since summer 2016, I’ve been participating in a variety of writing contests held by NYC Midnight. The following are my favourite stories written for either the Flash Fiction or Short Story challenges. For both challenges, writers are given a prompt that specifies genre, location/event, and either an object or character. Participants then have to write a story in a short period of time, while staying under a strict word count.

  • Aura

    Flash Fiction 2016, Round 1
    Prompt: Fantasy / a garbage dump / a pack of cigarettes
    Summary: A young woman goes into enemy territory, seeking a way to restore her people’s magic.

  • The Cold Case of Robin Daniels

    Flash Fiction 2016, Round 2
    Prompt: Mystery / an ocean pier / earplugs
    Summary: Reporter Jenna Wells looks into the unsolved murder a woman found dead in the ocean twenty years earlier.

  • The Forest of Death and Life

    Short Story Challenge 2017, Round 3
    Prompt: Open / sunset / an undertaker
    Summary: In a cemetery full of trees, rather than headstones, the mysterious caretaker seeks to learn about the human experience.

Marion Drysdale

My greatest writing accomplishment to date came back in 2000, when I was in grade ten. I won the Marion Drysdale writing contest, a provincial competition run by the Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation. The theme that year was “space.”

An Eternal Farewell

Summary: On the day humanity leaves the planet Earth, a girl remembers how she and her friends fought to save the planet’s last surviving tree.